Ask Callie - a pony in Minecraft
I must confuse the hell out of so many people when I go on one of my Tumblr binges.

I mean, their activity is bumping along and all of a sudden…

"AskCallie liked 500 of your posts in the last 10 minutes".

And then I’m gone, never to be heard from again.

Chibi Fyrenn. I found some really nice Faber Castell pens that @aplacefordumbness left me when he moved, and just HAD to try them out.f

Chibi Fyrenn. I found some really nice Faber Castell pens that @aplacefordumbness left me when he moved, and just HAD to try them out.f

Been forever since I’ve drawn stuff…

Been forever since I’ve drawn stuff…

My Laptop Harddrive Is Corrupted

*cries quietly in corner of room*

On one hand, I know why my new computer wasn’t working.

On the other hand, I have to try and get the damn thing fixed now. (Or, more likely, replaced)

Good God That GAME

"Only If" was fun, don’t get me wrong, but good God I feel like I went through a bad acid trip.

"Don’t use Livestream" he says.
"Livestream crashes" he says.
"Twitch doesn’t have that problem" he says.

Livestream might end up being Twitch.


Because Livestream apparently crashes, and everyone my end is advising Twitch instead. I will try to have things up and running by 7:30.

Fingers crossed! 

This will be where I stream, whenever I figure out where to find my channel key.

Rant Ahead: You’ve Been Warned

Okay, normally I try to avoid anything even remotely political on here, but I’ve had it up to my eyeballs in stupid and it has GOT to stop.

(Consider this your trigger warning. I am pissed and I am not going to be nice about this. You can’t handle it? Stop reading.)


There, I said it. As someone who is majoring in plant biology AND horticulture, I am telling you all that GMOs are NOT EVIL.

Now, I will be the first to admit that Monsanto is less than savory when it comes to their patents, but this does not mean that anyone who works with genetically altered crops is out to get you, so chill the fuck out.

Want to know something interesting?

We may not have oranges for much longer.

We’re already on our second cultivar of bananas, the first was wiped out almost entirely years ago. Same with sweet potatoes and American Elm.

The oranges are being infected with this bacteria called Citrus Greening. All citrus trees are susceptible. There is no resistance anywhere in the genome. (That’s a monoculture thing and its own issue altogether.)

Once a tree has it, there is no way to get rid of it. It can spread through contact, through the roots, and even through pollen in the air. If a tree is infected with Citrus Greening, the entire orchard will usually have to be burned.

This could decimate the United States’ orange crop, especially as the disease gains hold in Florida.

"Oh, but can’t we just get them from somewhere else?"

Yeah, sure we can. We can import oranges from Brazil. Do they have a Citrus greening problem? Yes.

How do they solve it?

Burn the current orchard. Then, simply select a different patch of rainforest and clear cut it to plant a new orchard.

They are cutting the new orchards into rainforests.

That fact hurt a bit, anti-GMO hippies?

"But putting random DNA in our food will hurt/kill us!"

One - it’s not random. Two - human beings eat spinach all the time, and that’s where the gene is coming from. Three - they are tested to make sure there are no side effects before they are released to the public. Four - you share 70% of your DNA with a banana, so it’s not all that shocking that scientists can mix and match from one plant species to another. Stop fucking calling it Frankenfood! It’s just a high-tech hybrid.

And for those of you who are STILL entirely opposed to anything genetically modified? Better get rid of your dog.

Yeah, your canine friend is a GMO. Dogs are genetically modified wolves. The process took a lot longer because we had to wait for the genes to mutate by chance, but Rover is still, by definition, a genetically modified organism. Have fun getting that one through your thick skull.

And while I’m destroying your world, here’s another factoid.

"Organic" does not mean "pesticide free". It just means that they use organic pesticides instead of synthetic ones. Also, some of the organic pesticides are more toxic to humans than the synthetic counterparts.

I swear to God I’m going to punch the next person ignorantly babbling about how evil GMOs are in their fucking stupid face…


In my defense I knocked for like an hour

Here’s the new set of fosters. Ava, Vivian, Judy, and Liza.