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Here’s the new set of fosters. Ava, Vivian, Judy, and Liza.

I think my cat just kind of gave up.

I think my cat just kind of gave up.

Sleepy baby. X3

Old Drawing I found. Playing with Sai.

Old Drawing I found. Playing with Sai.

So this is the prime reason that I need to clean out what I’ve pack-rat-stored in my purse (read: handbag of holding) every year, instead of just moving the essentials to my new purse and leaving the old one on a shelf. I have been going through knick-knacks and papers from the various nooks and crannies of these four bags for the past few hours.

Most interesting find: Mini camera

Weirdest find: A tie between the old tic-tac container filled with pen springs and a stack of 5 different flavored tea bags.

Sleepy kitten. (After terrorizing the rest of the house for about 12 hours.)

"Don’t worry about the Morning Glorys" they said. "They won’t be a problem" they said. Like hell they won’t.

Each of these was about an inch long, if not an inch and a half. I did not photograph the spiders, and the dragonflies were too quick.

He had his medical procedure done today and is currently crashed downstairs, sleeping. Apparently they put blue tattoos on the cats that they neuter/spay nowadays?
Anyway, thank you to everyone who helped pay for this. He was negative for feline leukemia, and is now up to date on all his shots.
I will get more pictures when he is more awake.

If you like figs, do yourself a favor and don’t look up how they’re pollinated.