Ask Callie - a pony in Minecraft
For example, like this. Or relatively similar.

For example, like this. Or relatively similar.

I think everyone with a pony blog on Tumblr needs to make a desktop background with their character

A solid colored background, with maybe some paler designs on it, with their OC drawn in the bottom right hand corner. Then link it to me.

So I can have a collection of Tumblr ponies for my laptop background.

And their name. Put their name under the picture.

THAT would be awesome. X3

Here’s the flying sprite for Surprise.

And here’s the code:

Categories,”Tumblr Ponies”,”mares”,”pegasi”
Speak, “What do you mean ‘the fourth wall doesn’t work’? The fourth wall ALWAYS works!”
Speak, “People say that I’m a ‘hippy-stir’, whatever that is.”
Speak, “Candy tiem!”

Save this text as pony.ini

Again, save everything in a folder named “Surprise” in the Desktop Ponies folder, then simply run the program.

Also if anyone actually tests this, if you would be so kind to leave me a message saying it worked. I can’t really test it myself…

Trying some other ponies from Tumblr. Currently, Surprise. I can’t for the LIFE of me figure out how to make the flying gif look right…but first I need to fix my eyes from spriting and studying all morning. Then it should make more sense.

Also need to get tablet. Then I can start drawing again.

Again, click for full pic. They look better that way.

These pictures are just NOT cooperating…click for better (full) view.

For those of you who know Desktop Ponies, this might look familiar. I have a little bit of sprite editing still, (mostly making the bangs and hair bow move with her steps) and then a bit of code writing. After that, if it works, I might be tempted to try some other Tumblr Ponies, like Woona. X3